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McKenzie Intelligence Services…

is a specialist intelligence provider that develops, maintains and leverages human source networks, open source data and commercial airborne collection capabilities.

We provide timely and accurate reporting in response to our clients’ information requirements.

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McKenzie Intelligence Services has developed it’s very own ITEAR process to asses, identify and produce solutions that  combat and accurately reflect our clients needs. From intelligence gathering to on the ground resolution, McKenzie Intelligence Services has years of practical experience for blue chip clients and governments alike.

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MIS have access to state of the art satellite arrays, this technology combined with our on the ground expertise and expert analysis creates a very powerful intelligence asset, that is both scalable, accurate and economically viable.

High Fidelity Imagery

See the things that matter to your business and the global economy – cars, trucks, ships, planes, factories, and cropland across the globe – with sub-meter resolution imagery when and where you need it.

Tasking timely high resolution imagery

Task the Skybox imaging constellation to see your areas of interest, from a city block to a global network of ports and pipelines. Order a single image or a repeat subscription with no minimum order area.

High-Definition Video

Capture the movement of your global operations with high-definition video. Up to 90 seconds in length at 30 frames per second, video brings your world to life with incredible clarity, from an entirely new perspective.

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