A Long Look is typically upwards of 4 images of the same Long & Lat on Earth.  In the last 6 years we have “Long Looked” at every climatic region on earth; in time spanning from the 1980’s up until the very present.  Including Oil leaks in the Arctic circle, Indonesian Peat Fires, factories in war afflicted zones, agricultural production and competitor analysis.

Our output is considered and via change detection analysis it may be either exactly quantifiable or it is qualified via assessment by our in house Geospatial Intelligence Artesians.  MIS carries specific insurance to cover our Intelligence expertise and assessment.

The dissemination methodology of our reports is something that we take seriously.  Often our reports are upwards of 3GB is size so we disseminate our data via our proprietary portal – MIS_Projects.




Cigarette Factory – Karikur, Duhok, Iraq.

Karikur, Duhok, Iraq.

In this example a retail Top 10 FTSE firm needed to understand what was happening at one of its related raw material factories near Karikur, Dohok, Iraq.  MIS looked at the site via tasked small-sats and over a period of time conducted change detection analysis to calculate the factory output and production rates.