Our Quick Look service encompasses the very best traditions of military grade timely, directed intelligence collection and analysis. We will often look to the small-sat community to enable our tasking.  We have a number of licences with all satellite Providers that allow us to jump the red tape required under ITAR.

Whilst our record is 6 hours from satellite image being tasked, captured and then being displayed on the front page of the New York Times.  We will aim for a 24hr turn around.




Tripoli Airport

The Quick Look is ideal for fast fact checking.  In this example the question was asked: “what was exactly going on at Tripoli Airport during a period of intense fighting?”  Media, insurance and government were all interested.  The images were tasked at 0900 and by 0900 the next day our image and reports were being briefed in board rooms around London.

Often the location of interest is a power station, factory or transit hub.  MIS analysts have all passed the UK Imagery Analyst Course where they have learnt the layouts of these installations and detail exactly what is damaged or disrupted.