Our Roamer service is where we deliver Geospatial and Intelligence management consulting.  Often we find that we will incorporate multiple disciplines of Intelligence and create a complete client bespoke Intelligence Architecture.

Most recently a global bank asked us to look at how they might create a complete Geospatial based system of works that adds value to their trading capability.  This is in preparation for the anticipated Tsunami of satellite based data.  Problems that need to be overcome are: data based storage, directed collection, best utilising scant financial resources in order to provide value added data.  Plus future proofing the capability to take advantage of over the horizon technologies and new data streams.  Simply innocuous tasks such as pre arranging data licences can actually take the most time as they are moved through legal departments and red tape.




Alberta, Canada, Wild Fires.

The example displayed on this page was for an Insurance Company who needed to understand their potential loss from the Alberta Wildfires in 2016.  We combined multi source data feeds into a fused intelligence environment.   MIS then created GeoJson’s of every house affected or not affected by the fires.  MIS further created overlays to analyse the likely impacts / extent of the fires in the next 12, 24, 36 & 72 hours.  This system was set up for the Insurance client within hours of notification and leaned heavily on MIS_Projects.