Simply put, we use the latest space tech to measure and quantify data.

MIS is a continued success story of UK military intelligence veterans transitioning from the military into the private sector.  In the last 6 years we have taken our rich, hard earned experience from the past and mixed that knowledge with today’s technologies in order to disrupt problems old and new in the current commercial landscape.  Working with US West Coast Tech majors we have led the charge on the introduction of value added analysis derived from timely, high cadence smallsat technologies.

Forbes, the MD, has set up National Fusion centers in several African countries, Iraq, Afghanistan and a strategic capability in the UK.  Since 2011 he has directed MIS towards projects and contracts for some of Earth’s most well known Companies in Tech, Insurance, Finance and both NGO’s and Government.

MIS understands tech opportunities / constraints and most importantly if the intelligence does not add value, on a medium that can not be read, it is pointless.

Intelligence Architecture Capacity Building

MIS knows that value added Intelligence, is the product of a carefully considered Intelligence Estimate leading to an Information Collection Plan and then hung on the most appropriate Intelligence Architecture.  Intelligence is a number of carefully synched processes, that ensure scant collection resources are best utilized in time and space. Whilst allowing time for analysis and aggressive dissemination to subsequently take place.