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The NATCAT Intelligence Platform

MIS measures the real impact of man-made and natural catastrophes, delivering the hard facts needed to improve safety, support major decisions and enable real time operations for the insurance market.

$202.6 Billion

Hurricane Season

2017 Hurricane Season Ranks as Costliest Ever...the U.S. Atlantic hurricane season is officially the most expensive ever, racking up $202.6 billion in damages

Insurance Journal - November 28, 2017

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The impact of natural and man-made catastrophes continues to grow, but there is a lack of reliable, measured data during and immediately after cat events to support large financial decisions, efficient operations and the safety of people on the ground. During major catastrophes, insurance professionals need the clarity that only comes with actual measured information - hard facts that remove the guesswork to improve decision making, operational efficiency and safety.

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MIS automatically aggregates and analyzes space, air, ground and IoT sensors to provide timely, robust and holistic view of a NATCAT event. We combine machine learning algorithms with our in-house, military trained damage assessment experts to provide the hard facts about the situation on the ground before. Delivered via the MIS-Intel NatCat Intelligence Platform, our customers easily access the information they need to support a variety of catastrophe related activities for the global insurance industry.

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Wildfire Satistics

4.5 million U.S. homes were identified at high or extreme risk of wildfire, with more than 2 million in California alone. Losses from wildfires added up to $5.1 billion over the past 10 years.

Verisk - July 12, 2017

Source: Insurance Information Institute, The Property Claim Services® (PCS®) unit of ISO®, a Verisk Analytics® company


The MIS-Intel NATCAT Intelligence Platform provides timely measured intelligence about major catastrophes for global insurance markets. We take the guesswork out of NatCat response by measuring actual on-the-ground damage and functionality assessments within 24hrs on a property by property basis, delivering the hard facts about the situation before, during and after continental scale catastrophes.

The MIS-Intel Platform helps professionals improve decision making and operational efficiency in a variety of post-catastrophe activities.


Exposure Reports

Tasked all source data is used to create an exposure report within 24 hrs of the event commencing.

Zip code level damage and functionality assessments provide a clear understanding of actual impact, improving the accuracy of reserve estimating and reducing the amount of exposure reserve accounts.

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Claims Reports

Individual property damage and functionality assessments delivered within 72 hours of an event, using High Resolution Satellite & Aerial Imagery augmented with all-source intelligence.

The Claims Report permits faster and more accurate claims payouts and improved customer service.

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Timeline Reports

Event timeline delivered 168 hours after an event provides insight into the path of a catastrophe, providing key intelligence to support claims reinsurance payments and litigation.

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Custom Reports

Using our already analyzed NATCAT data as well as new data to meet specific requirements, MIS provides a custom solutions service to support a variety of projects for the insurance markets, responding to those critical questions Insurers are not indemnified to answer.

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Our Clients

McKenzie Intelligence primarily serves the insurance market in the wake of Natural Catastrophes. We also work with NGOs, International law firms and Governmental departments in need of fast, accurate, evidence based analysis or training.


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