Our Expertise

We work with some of the world's leading brands from insurance, financial services and humanitarian response, as well as local and national Governments.
We deliver geospatial intelligence which solves complex problems and delivers insight never before achieved via traditional methods of investigation and data analysis

Losses From Natural Disasters Surge Over Last 20 Years...reported economic losses from earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, floods, hurricanes and other climate-related disasters reached nearly $2.9 trillion.

The United Nation - 2018

Insurance & Reinsurance

Since 2016, MIS have been the contracted satellite imagery and space data analysis partner to the Lloyd’s of London insurance marketplace.

We work with carriers, brokers, TPAs and loss adjusters, helping them to positively transform their workflows with powerful and actionable intelligence from geospatial data and satellite and aerial imagery analysis


From all the vendors providing data, this is the best we have come across

Modelling Manager, Lloyd's Syndicate - November 2019

Government, NGOs & Public Sectors

We work with national and local governments around the world, humanitarian and disaster relief agencies and international organisations to deliver targeted geospatial intelligence training and assist on projects of all sizes using our imagery, data sets and analysis.

We are relied upon for our timely and accurate delivery of intelligence, and are proud of the work we do for this sector, delivering tangible results which underpin development and growth.


We utilised the imagery and geodata heavily this year and it materially reduced our time to payment

Lloyd's Claims Operations Manager, 2019

Commercial Sectors

We work with clients from diverse verticals including finance, agriculture, energy, infrastructure and construction, mining and logistics.

We have a global, 24/7 reach and use the latest space technology to monitor risk and yield over time, advise on complex multi-site projects and progress and deliver bespoke reports on individual assignments.


McKenzie Intelligence via its MIS-Intel portal won the outstanding Achievement of the year at the British Claims awards for creating an initiative that marks a new departure for claims resolutions

John Eves - Chartered Institute of Loss Adjusters

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