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Exposure Reports

Following a NATCAT event we use an array of sensors feeding into intelligence work flows to understand, and then produce analysis at zip-code level. The Exposure Report is designed for busy Managing Agents (MA). Exposure tells us where to look.

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Claims Reports

Our Claims Reports use the very best computing power, focused aerial imagery collection and accredited UK Military Imagery Analysts to create detailed Property Assessments confirming levels of damage and functionality. We supply Data in multiple formats in order to meet the needs of our clients.

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Timeline Reports

These reports capture the footprint/life cycle of an event which we display as a timeline. Such information proves crucial in business interruption cases and in spotting fraudulent claims.

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Following the dreadful Californian wildfires (2017) and representing an Insurance Industry first, we used MIS-Intel data and assessment to settle a $multi-million property claim from Space

Claims Director - Lloyd’s Managing Agent

Concierge Service

Tailored to the your needs, MIS utilises Geospatial understanding to answer your specific question(s).

Crucially, we are indemnified to provide answers, given in detailed reports that often result in claims being paid out without the use of loss adjusters.
Denial of Access & Business Interruption

Denial of access and business interruption are two core issues both companies and insurers face post-NATCAT. MIS plays a pivotal role in determining the extent of both of these which may be used for litigation and offensive/defensive purposes.

  • UK Military trained Imagery & Geospatial Intelligence Analysts
  • Qualified Cartographers
  • Built in house
  • 2018 winner of the British Claims Award 'Outstanding Achievement of the Year'
  • In-house training and instruction on imagery interpretation for the insurance market


MIS-Intel is spearheading its growth and thrusting beyond its ability to rapidly disseminate award winning data at Insurance market level scales. MIS-Intel will soon be providing its users the ability to conduct in house processing, joining the insured with the insurers via a suite of automated insurance products.


Exposure Reports
  • Loss Adjuster Management Tool
  • MIS prioritises locations of insurance interest
  • Allocate heat maps for adjuster response
  • Provide a command and control network for adjuster response
Machine Learning

We note that so much of what we do is repetitive at an individual user level. Our ML capability will learn, scale and expredite those actions that are critical to the success of the user experience and success.

Artificial Intelligence

The MIS-Intel of the near future is smart, it joins the insured with the insurer without human intervention and knows what data to pass where and when. Our AI platform is already in production and once deployed will revolutionise how claims solutions are enacted.


MIS-Data answers a huge raft of critical insurance problems. Ease of access to MIS-Data and its interoperability with the varied selection of global insurers is utterly key. Our API enables the quick integration of our data to those office workers who need it most.

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